Tottenham fans left flabbergasted as rookie Sherwood appointed

Daniel Levy has let both the players and the fans down in sacking Andre Villas-Boas

Tottenham Hotspurs chairman Daniel Levy made the extraordinary decision on Monday night to award interim manager Tim Sherwood an 18 month contract to manage the club following the sacking of Andre Villas-Boas.

Since taking charge at the club in 2001, Levy has made some incredibly frustrating decisions for the fans, from selling star players such as Dimitar Berbatov to sacking popular managers like Harry Redknapp.

However, this latest decision could prove to be his worst yet. The sacking of former head-coach Andre Villas-Boas with the club just eight points from the top of the table was controversial in itself. However, to replace him with a man who has just 90 minutes experience managing in the Premier League, and who doesn’t even have the required badges to coach at the highest level, is a decision which defies comprehension.

In Villas-Boas, Spurs had a young, ambitious manager who was attempting to re-build a side following the sale of his best player, Gareth Bale. It is true that the side was struggling to create goalscoring opportunities, and AVB’s exclusion of controversial striker Emmanuel Adebayor appears more bizarre by the day given his form under new boss Sherwood. Nevertheless, Villas-Boas was a highly talented coach and given time at White Hart Lane, I am confident he would have been a success.

Instead, Levy lost patience with the man he backed so fiercely in the summer transfer window, removing him from his position following a 5-0 home defeat to Liverpool.

Many Spurs fans were upset by this decision at the time, but consoled themselves with the knowledge that a whole host of top names such as Fabio Capello, Frank De Boer and Louis Van Gaal were being lined up as potential replacements.

However, it soon became clear than Levy had no ace up his sleeve, no master plan and no replacement in the pipeline. After making tentative approaches for De Boer and Van Gaal, Levy appointed rookie coach Sherwood, a self proclaimed Arsenal fan, on an 18 month contract.

Granted, the team performed well at the weekend, beating Southampton 3-2 away from home in an attacking 4-4-2 formation.

However, this should not disguise Sherwood’s complete lack of tactics during the game.

The team looked open in midfield and shaky at the back, and better sides will punish Sherwood if he continues to set the team up in this manner.

Unfortunately for now, it seems Spurs fans must accept Sherwood as their manager. Only time will tell if this latest gamble by Levy will prove to be a masterstroke or a disaster.


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