Top 5 Albums of 2014

5) Manic Street Preachers – Futurology – A return to form from the ever-present Welsh rockers. Bradfield & co’s 12th studio album is one of their best, from a band that refuse to disappear into obscurity.

4) Royal Blood – Royal Blood – Urgent, frantic and raw, the debut offering from the duo from Brighton is relentless with its ear-splittingly powerful rifts and brooding lyrics.

3) Temples – Sun Structures – The Beatles of 2014 have surged onto the UK music scene with their brand of psychedelic indie rock. Hazy, charming and distorted, Sun Structures is everything you could want from a debut album.

2) Jungle – Jungle – Funk epitomized, J & T have mastered the art of being utterly mysterious and yet instantly accessible. With catchy tunes like ‘The Heat’ and ‘Busy Earning,’ the self-titled debut from the London soul band is quite simply sensational.

1) Jamie T – Carry on The Grudge – Back after a 5 year hiatus, Jamie Treays is back and better than ever. His third album is his best yet and my record of the year. Incredibly dark and sincere and mesmerizingly cathartic, Carry on The Grudge has it all; from catchy hits like ‘Zombie’ to brutally honest and sinister tracks like ‘The Prophet.’ A complete modern masterpiece.


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