Exeposé Editorial 05/05/15 – ‘Ballot bants’

We lead this issue with a story on (yup, you guessed it) the General Election. In just three days time, students around the country will have their say on the leadership of our (supposedly) great nation. And it seems like most of us are doing so. Our survey got a great response, further dispelling the myth of an apathetic youth.

The big news is…Exeter’s largely feeling blue. Reinforcing the ‘Exetah’ stereotype, the Tories came out on top overall and in numerous other categories, including, most surprisingly, lower class voters. Business students have also clearly been reading The Telegraph, judging by the fact that nearly half of them are backing Cameron and his cohorts.

However, Labour aren’t far behind. With a quarter of the surveyed vote, it looks like #Milifandom might be starting to take off (sorry Charlie!) As expected, support for the Lib-Dems has crumbled. You not only broke your word Nick, but you also broke our hearts, and for that, we’ll never forgive you.

Are we bleeding Green? Certainly more than most. Natalie Bennett’s visit back in January seems to have had the desired effect as popularity for the Greens has surged in Exeter. Indeed, in this election, ‘minority’ parties are proving anything but. With the possibility of a hung parliament looming large again, is our current electoral system in need of reform? Only time will tell.

On the subject of time, University CEO Geoff Pringle has decided he doesn’t want to spend any more of it with us. Apart from trying to sue us, he’s a pretty decent bloke and we wish him all the best for the future. See page 3 for the full story.

Elsewhere in News, the uni have decided the best way to combat rising student numbers is to take over an arts space two days a week (page 5). Next time just build a bigger Forum eh?



You may have clocked that there are two new faces at the top of this editorial, one notably more hairy than the other. It’s the beginning of a new regime here at Exeposé (hopefully one no less controversial than the last) and we’re happy to welcome in a brand new editorial team.

We have a tall act to follow (not literally). Harrison and Gemma lead the paper from strength to strength last year. Their journalistic acumen and questionable banter has been recognised by one of the top journalism courses in the country at City University. A further congratulations to outgoing News Editor Emily Leahy who has nabbed a place at Cardiff to study Broadcast Journalism.

So basically, we’re hoping to be as successful as these guys.

We’ve made a few changes to the paper, including our brand new ‘Study Break’ section (page 29), as if you didn’t need another excuse to procrastinate. It features a jobs column kindly provided by the Career Zone so if you’re in need of some dollar (and donkeys), take a look.

We’ve also got two brand new sections in the paper: Science & Tech and Arts & Lit. Read about whether your political persuasion is written in your genetic code and the science behind stress-busting (page 22-23). Exams got you reminiscing about a simpler time? Check out Arts & Lit’s top five children’s books (page 20). Other highlights from our review sections include Muse’s surprise gig at the Great Hall (page 14), G&S’ HMS Pinafore (page 21) and the bizarre bread-based game I Am Bread (page 27).

Also keep an eye out for a new project we’re going to be embarking on with our fellow X-media friends at XTV. We can’t reveal too much just yet but watch this space.


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