AS everyone starts to flock back to their respective homes this summer, this issue we spare a thought for those without one to go to. #Selfieless pushes a powerful message: it’s time we were all a little less selfi e and a little more selfless. The newly formed YMCA Society’s campaign to raise funds and awareness of the issue is an admirable one and we want to try and help make it as successful as possible. The prevalence of social disparity in Exeter is shocking and we too often ignore it. So please, take a minute, take a selfie and take action against homelessness. Read the full story on page 5.

Elsewhere in News, the Sabbs have gotten sassy with the NUS following a shambolic Conference this April (page 3). The in/out referendum earlier this year saw an overwhelming no vote to leaving the union of students; the same union that the Sabbs now deem “woeful” and “archaic”. In a strongly worded letter, they condemn the NUS Conference’s bureaucracy, lack of diversity and failure to accommodate for attendees with disabilities. Whilst we’re of the opinion that we are better with the NUS than without it, the letter raises some serious questions which may make membership more difficult to justify in the future.

News also investigates the procedures the University and Guild have in place to support student harassment complaints (page 5). Whilst the increase in reported cases to services such as the Advice Unit prove that the stigma of speaking out is slowly shifting, there is still a real concern that victims of harassment are not receiving the support they need. The #NeverOk campaign’s prominence on campus has been remarkable, but does transparency need to be upped even further? With norecords kept for sexual harassment complaints specifically and broken hyperlinks on the University website, more can definitely be done.


We’ve gone for it on the interview front this issue. Exeter MP and potential Deputy Leader of the Labour Party Ben Bradshaw talks about his big tent politics on page 9. He won Exeter’s popularity contest and now he wants to show his party how it’s done. We’re both heading to Glastonbury Festival later this month, come along Benny, that big tent of yours might come in handy.

Also in Features, University Vice-Chancellor Sir Steve Smith speaks exclusively to Exeposé on a variety of topics including what the General Election will mean for Higher Education, the ongoing expansion of the University and that expenses story we ran earlier this year. Steve makes some interesting points (not all of which we agree with) but it certainly makes for intriguing reading. Check out the full interview over on pages 10-11.

We’re also incredibly proud to have finally nailed down an interview with Exeter’s most famous alumni J.K. Rowling. Well… sort of. Head to Arts & Lit (page 20) to hear all about which Exeter venues really inspired the Leaky Cauldron andThe Three Broomsticks.

In our review sections, Lifestyle have been getting us hyped ahead of the plethora of festivals on off er across the UK. See pages 12-13 for their guide to where you should go, what you should wear and all the dos and don’ts of festival etiquette. Indie rockers The Vaccines will play at a number of these festivals, and Music have reviewed the latest release from Justin Young and co. on page 15.

It was also the biggest University sporting event of the summer last week down at Exeter County Cricket Club. EUMCC defeated Bristol in emphatic fashion to retain their Varsity crown. See pages 30-31 for a comprehensive round-up of the match from our Sports team.

Anyway, enough chit chat, it’s time for us to sign off for the summer. If you’re graduating this year then we wish you the best of luck for the future. If not we look forward to welcoming you back in September. We hope you enjoy your holidays and have a relaxing break; you’ve earned it.


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