How safe is Exeter?

An Exeposé investigation has revealed the crime statistics for Exeter and other major university cities ahead of the new academic year.

The information, released to Exeposé by regional police departments under the Freedom of Information Act, reveals that Exeter is one of the safest university cities to live in, based on the reported crime in the cities surveyed.

Of the nine university cities that were investigated, Exeter was found to have the second lowest number of reported burglaries, muggings and drug related offences, and the joint lowest number of murders during the period 31 May 2014 – 1 June 2015. Exeter also had the third lowest number of reported incidents of sexual assault and rape during this period, with 115 and 86 incidents reported respectively. However, when the relative size of each city’s population is taken into account, Exeter was found to have higher rates of sexual assault, rape and drug off ences per capita than Sheffield and Leeds.

Exeposé collected the information by sending Freedom of Information requests regarding reported crimes to police departments in Exeter, Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds, Oxford, Cambridge, Norwich, Bristol and Bath. The safest city investigated was Bath, which had the lowest recorded number of burglaries, muggings and drug offences, and the second lowest number of sexual assaults and rapes. However, when population weighting was introduced, Bath had higher drug offences per capita than Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds and Exeter.

The safest city for sexual assaults and rapes was Norwich, with just three sexual assaults and fi ve rapes reported in the last year.

There was also only one reported case of murder in Exeter, Bath and Norwich.

According to the statistics, students were most at risk in the last year in Manchester, which had the highest number of crimes in every category, including 27,781 burglaries, 1,825 rapes and 36 murders. Bristol was the least safe city in the South West, with higher numbers of every category of crime than Exeter or Bath being committed in the last 12 months.

Speaking about the statistics, Naomi Armstrong, Vice-President Welfare & Diversity said: “It’s great news that these statistics confirm Exeter to be a safe city for our students to live and study.

“The Students’ Guild works closely with local police and the University to ensure that we can continue to enjoy a safe community.”

A University spokesperson said: “Exeter has a reputation as being one of the safest cities in the UK. These figures confirm to students and parents alike that Exeter is among the very best locations to be in the country.”


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