Diamonds cost Dollar – Exeposé Editorial 28/09/15

We lead this week with an investigation into cost cutting at the University. The powers that be are constantly trying to climb those seemingly omnipotent league tables. To do this they must continually set aside money to invest in research and academic staff. Unfortunately this means other areas must be squashed and squeezed. Of course the better the uni’s reputation, the better our CVs look, but there is a real worry that student volunteers, as well as remaining employees, are being expected to take on too much in the face of reduced staffing. In the case of the music office, which has now been shut and moved within the Guild, the handling of the changes have left many incensed ( see Comment page 9). Student wellbeing should always be prioritised over business strategies, and it seems like in this instance the changes have done more harm than good. What’s more, the personnel cuts seem totally at odds with the ongoing expansion of student numbers.

Our other front page story this week features a rather worrying account of an anonymous student assaulted on the way home after work. Whilst our investigation last issue confirmed that Exeter is one of the safest cities to study in, this attack highlights the need for students to be vigilant and aware of their surroundings. We know lots of people who have been made to feel vulnerable in some way when walking alone at night. Don’t be complacent kids – stay safe out there.

In other news, many Politics students have been left frustrated by a monumental cock-up, which lead to two modules in the department being cancelled less than a week before the start of term. This is, in our opinion, an unacceptable state of affairs. The Politics Office have been unable to fully explain the reason for these cancellations, and the lack of choice in the replacement modules offered was extremely poor. Terrible chat, that. Disappointing to say the least. See page 3 for the full story.

It’s not all doom and gloom though. Our University celebrates its 60th anniversary this year, a great achievement. Whilst we do like to moan and groan about Exeter, and it’s far from a perfect place to study, sixty years have seen the uni flourish into one of the finest institutions in the country, and we look forward to a year of celebrations to remember.


We’re all about equality here at Exeposé so it was great to chat to The Sunday Times’ Eleanor Mills, a professional who shares these views and is doing a lot to instill them. As Chair of Women in Journalism she is an inspirational figure for female journalists hoping to break into a male-dominated industry. For the full interview turn to Features page 12.  

As the nights grow longer, it’s nice to look back on the summer and reminisce. Music have been doing just that this week, with a comprehensive compilation of highlights from festivals in the UK and abroad. Check out the lovely summer spread over on pages 20-21.

Speaking of comprehensive, Jack Smith has written a great in-depth review of one of the biggest blockbusters of the summer, ‘Legend,’ featuring Tom Hardy as psychotic Kray twins Ronnie and Reggie. Head to page 24 to read Jack’s verdict.

Exeter’s caught rugby fever this week. With Sandy Park hosting three games in the 2015 Rugby World Cup, Sport have been busy previewing the tournament and giving their expert opinions on who to back as England seek to reach their first final since 2007. See page 39 for the full details.

Finally, a quick reminder that you can still become a member of Exeposé for just five pounds on the Students’ Guild website. If you’re interested in writing for us, don’t hesitate to sign up. We want a plethora of voices on the student paper, make sure yours is one of them.


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