Politics Schmolitics

I looked at my phone on the Tuesday of Freshers’ Week, and my heart sank. I had just received an email from the Politics Office informing me that the module I had desperately been looking forward to this term had been cancelled. I was told I had to pick another 15 credit module from a selection of nine, two of which I had already studied the previous year.

Not only was this very frustrating from the perspective of my own personal interests, it was also incredibly disappointing from an administrative perspective on the part of the university. To inform students less than a week before lectures begin that one of their modules has been cancelled is incredibly poor form. Additionally, I did not get to choose the module I especially wanted to study, but instead was told that I had to pick three, and that I would be allocated one depending on which module fitted with my current timetable.

As a third year student, this seems ludicrously unfair. The module I had previously selected was tailored to my own personal interests, and would have been a highly useful source of inspiration for my dissertation. Given the amount of money we pay to study at a supposedly world leading institution, the lack of choice and communication has been, on the whole, appalling.

The Politics Office eventually got back to me on the Friday of Freshers’ Week, telling me that I had been allocated one of my three choices. At the time of writing, seminars for this module have still not been added to my timetable.

This represents a serious lack of planning on the behalf of the department and something that has left a number of students highly confused and angry. Having only had a small amount of time to prepare myself, I have not been able to do any reading for my new module, and now find myself at a disadvantage going into my final year at university.


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