Freshers’ Week noise complaints down

A Freedom Of Information request has revealed that the number of noise complaints received by the university during this year’s Freshers’ Week fell by almost 40 per cent compared to last year.

The number of complaints received during the period 12-20 September 2015 was 36, compared to 22 complaints that were received by the university between the dates of 13-21 September 2014. The number of complaints received during Freshers’ Week 2013 was 26.

The FOI request also revealed that Estate Patrol services were called out 721 times during Freshers’ Week. A full breakdown of callout reasons is not held, however reasons for callouts included First Aid, students and staff being locked out of buildings, and noise complaints both internally and externally.

The number of students taken home by Estate Patrol during this year’s Freshers’ Week was 41, nearly 60 per cent higher than in Freshers’ Week 2014. However, this may be partly due to the fact that Estate Patrol hired two additional cars this year so were available to give an enhanced service, for example to vulnerable students walking home on their own.

Speaking about the information, Rory Cunningham University Community Liaison Officer, said: The University experienced a decline in complaints during Freshers’ Week. We also recorded fewer incidents of serious anti-social behaviour and student welfare issues. We worked closely with a range of partners to encourage positive student behaviour.

“The Students’ Guild Welcome Team worked closely with the Police, Estate Patrol and licensed premises to address welfare concerns in the city centre.

“We hope to build on the success of our partnership approach and have already considered improvements to next year’s planning.

“Residents have also commended the positive attitude of the vast majority of students during this busy social period.”


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