Hot, Not, Long Shot, Forgot – 23/11/15

James Beeson, Editor, gives his opinion on what’s hot, what’s not, something that is a bit of a long shot and what has been scandalously forgotten.

HOT – ‘Looking out for you’ – Joy Again

Pennsylvania-based five piece Joy Again are a recent and pleasantly surprising discovery. Their first single ‘Looking out for you’ is due to be released in January and delighted me with its fuzzy genteel indie pop rhythms and Darwin-Deez-esque vocals. A real pick-me up for a dreary November day.

NOT – ‘Hello’ – Adele

There’s just something I can’t STAND about Adele. Dull, self-indulgent and perpetually miserable, the former BRIT school singer fails to do anything other than make me want to slit my wrists. Her latest offering is more of the same depressing whingy nonsense; You’d have thought all that moolah she’s got would probably cheer her the fuck up a bit…

LONG SHOT: ‘Fueiho Boogie’ – Swim Deep

Not for the faint hearted, this eight minute epic from B town boys Swim Deep is an acid house-cum-techno inspired marathon that attacks the recently lifted Fueiho law banning dancing in Japanese clubs. A worthy shape throwing number.

FORGOT: ‘Little Baby Nothing’ – Manic Street Preachers

The sixth single from the Newport glam-rockers debut album, Generation Terrorists, released in 1992. Featuring vocals by former porn star Traci Lords, the song addresses the vitally important issue of the exploitation of women with striking lyrical complexity and frankly epic guitar rifts. Still a firm fan-favourite at live shows.


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