WE’VE got down and dirty this week – aren’t we givers. After months of planning, Sexeposé is finally a reality. We ran a sexual health survey and it banged. Whilst a bit of cheeky action in the bedroom is all fun and games, our survey did throw up a few problematic stats – namely that lots of students appear unconcerned about the risks of unprotected sex. It was also worrying to see that over 70 per cent of students felt that there was a pressure to be sexually active while at university. 65 per cent of students either didn’t know or thought that the University and/or Guild could be doing more to provide information/services surrounding safe sex. With the  Health Centre already at breaking point and students increasingly being directed towards services in town, could more be being done to ensure students’ welfare is prioritised? Here at Exeposé we’re all in favour of a bit of fun between the sheets, but remember: don’t be silly, wrap that willy.

In other news, you may have noticed there were some elections on campus last week. Toby Gladwin was crowned Guild President last Friday after a viral campaign in which his catchy manifesto video was picked up nationally. While we spend most of the year critiquing the Sabbs, campaigning on the hill everyday in the pouring rain and freezing cold is no easy feat, so respect to each and every one (okay, maybe not EVERY one) for putting themselves forward and making a go of it. For the full results see page 5.

We’re also pleased to announce that we can finally confirm the thing that everyone already knows is happening. Pret a Manger is coming to the Forum. Brilliant, fantastic, amazing – another middle-class retailer that nobody can afford. While it is in our nature to tar everything with a cynical brush, perhaps Pret’s arrival is a positive thing. It will certainly help to focus the Marketplace’s choice of stock; there will be no more steam-cookers on the shelf for instance (yes, they did actually sell steam-cookers in there). For the full scoop see page 3.


It’s not just news that’s saucy this week. Lifestyle lead the way with our sex-themed content with a brilliant two-page porn spread (pages 16-17). Censored somewhat by the Guild, nudity is left out, but the interview with Lance Hart is a fascinating insight into what is too oft considered the dirtiest and dingiest of industries. A moment when Hart describes how filming a gang bang is akin to a Disney movie is a stand-out. We’ll be watching Frozen in a brand new light, that’s for sure. Lifestyle also features an alternative perspective on page 19, with Ella Burgess offering her two cents on why being a virgin in the 21st century is nothing to be ashamed of. Elsewhere, Lewis Norman gets his Netflix and chill on to reveal his foolproof method to seduce your love interest (Music 23), whilst Science & Tech tell us how they do it on the discovery channel (page 32).  

Meanwhile, Features interview former Labour Home Secretary Alan Johnson on the significantly less sexy topic of the EU referendum (soz Alan, we’re sure you’re bang tidy in the sack). To stay in or pull out, that is the question. See page 12 for fewer sexual innuendos and more serious political discussion. Also worth a read in this fortnight’s issue is Rachel Ashenden’s article in Comment (page 9) where she reveals how she was bullied for her feminist views. University often seems like the most liberal of places, but Rachel’s harrowing halls experience reveals how ignorant some people still are.

Forget Sabb elections, the real deal is nearly upon us. In just a few weeks time Exeposé will be electing a new editorial team. If you fancy your mugshot at the top of this column, or your name elsewhere in this paper, then pop along to our pre-election social this coming Wednesday (18 February) at the Imperial to find out what we’re all about.



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