Exeposé shortlisted for ‘Best Publication’ at Student Publication Association Awards


Exeposé has been shortlisted for ‘Best Publication’ at the 2016 Student Publication Association (SPA) awards, it has been announced.

The SPA awards, which seek to recognise and reward the very best of student media across the UK and Ireland, will take place at Loughborough University on Saturday 9 April.

The award for ‘Best Publication’ will take into the publication’s “account overall relevance to their student community, quality of content produced, and achievements across the other award categories.” Other publications shortlisted in this category include The University of Bristol’s EpigramYork Vision and The Boar from the University of Warwick.

Exeposé has also been shortlisted in numerous other categories including for ‘Best Website’ and “Best Use of Digital Media.’ The publication’s editors Sarah Gough and James Beeson are also both nominated for the ‘Best Reporter’ award, whilst Exeposé writers and editors are also shortlisted in the categories of: ‘Best Feature’, ‘Best News Story, ‘Best Entertainment Piece’, ‘Best Interview’ and ‘Best Comment or Opinion.’

In total, Exeposé have 21 nominations across all categories, and are shortlisted in nine out of 13 eligible categories.

The Student Publication Association has over 130 registered publications across the UK and Ireland and offers support, training and graduate job opportunities to students hoping to break into the journalism industry.

Full list of Exeposé nominations for 2016 SPA awards

Best Publication
Best Website
Best Use of Digital Media
Best Reporter – Sarah Gough
Best Reporter – James Beeson
Best News Story – “Students Express Bouncer Concerns” by James Beeson
Best Comment or Opinion – “Why you always lying?” by Eamonn Crowe
Best Feature – “The mind can’t man up” by Eamonn Crowe and Fiona Potigny
Best Feature – “A first person account of Friday 13th” by Giusy Urba
Best Interview – Albert Hammond Jnr Interview, by James Beeson
Best Interview – Solomon Akhtar Interview, by James Beeson
Best Interview – Steve Smith Interview, by James Beeson
Best Interview – Phillip Collins Interview, by Jessica Stanier
Best Interview – Jim Waterson Interview, by Flora Carr
Best Interview – Charlotte Edwards Interview, by Sarah Gough
Best Interview – Louisa Griffith-Jones Interview, by Sarah Gough
Best Interview – Norman Lamb Interview, by Sophie Harrison
Best Entertainment Piece – Catfish and the Bottlemen Live, by James Beeson
Best Entertainment Piece – Frank Turner Live, by James Beeson
Best Entertainment Piece –  Lady Gaga’s Powerful Message for Survivors of Sexual Assault, by Jessica Stanier
Best Entertainment Piece – Busted is Back, by Hannah Butler


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