Victoria Councilor: Labour has to stay united

A Hackey Councilor who supported Owen Smith in Labour’s recent leadership contest has called for the party to unite and “build something for the future” after Jeremy Corbyn’s re-election as leader.

Speaking at a consultation meeting on Monday, William Brett, one of the Councilors for Victoria ward, stated that despite not personally having “a great deal of confidence” in Mr. Corbyn’s leadership, now was “not the time to carry on this internal debate.”

“I’m not in the business of criticising the current leadership,” he said, “I’m in the business of trying to build something for the future that will put Labour back in power.”

Mr. Brett, who is also head of campaigns at The Electoral Reform Society, also distanced himself from those advocating a split of the party, claiming that such a move would be a “disaster on any level.”

“In order to remain a political force the Labour party has to stay united,” he said, “A split is always a terrible backward step.”

When asked what Labour needed to do in order to win the next General Election, Mr Brett replied that it was important the party presented “a positive vision of the future” rather than “talking about the bad and focusing on that”

“The left only wins when it is inspirational about the future, not when it is miserable about the current situation,” he continued, “Of course there’s lots to complain about at the moment but I can tell you if the Tories are in power for another 20 years there will just be more to complain about.”



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