Loose stone corbel must be removed, says Hackney Council

Hackney Council have confirmed that a stone corbel lodged behind a shop front sign must be removed by the property’s owner, after concerns about public safety were raised on social media.

Having become detached from the main building at the vacant property on Well Street, the piece of stone, which is around half a meter in length, is currently only being prevented from falling onto the street by the shop-front’s Perspex signage.

After being made aware of the issue via social media, The Building Control Team at Hackney Council visited the property on 17th October, leaving a message informing the owner to remove the corbel within 7-14 days. Failure to comply with this request will in a Dangerous Structure notice being served.

In a statement to The Hackney Post, Hackney Council confirmed that concerns were raised about the issue over a year ago, but claimed that there was “no immediate danger” posed by the corbel, as it is wedged so tightly behind the shop-front sign. However, concerns over the safety of the structure remain, with one twitter user claiming that when the stone falls “it could easily result in a fatality.”

The Hackney Post was unable to reach the shop owner for comment.


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